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GoodWeave 2010 Annual Report

The Annual Report below details GoodWeave USA’s accomplishments in 2010, from the introduction of the One in a Million campaign, reaching 60 million consumers and contributing to $9.4 million in North American certified rug sales to the provision of nearly 2,000 children and adults in weaving communities with healthcare, education and other key services.

RÉCORD: The Harvest/La Cosecha at the Guadalajara Film Festival

24 Oré: The Harvest/La Cosecha

Fields of Peril Brochure

“Hundreds of thousands of children under age 18 are working in agriculture in the United States. but under a double standard in US federal law, children can toil in the fields at far younger ages, for far longer hours, and under far more hazardous conditions than all other working children. For too many of these children, farmwork means an early end to childhood, long hours at exploitative wages, and risk to their health and sometimes their lives. although their families’ financial need helps push children into the fields—poverty among farmworkers is more than double that of all wage and salary employees—the long hours and demands of farmwork result in high drop-out rates from school. Without a diploma, child workers are left with few options besides a lifetime of farmwork and the poverty that accompanies it”

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Trafficking in Persons Report 2010

Trafficking in Persons Report 2010

“The 10th annual Trafficking in Persons Report outlines the continuing challenges across the globe, including in the United States. The Report, for the first time, includes a ranking of the United States based on the same standards to which we hold other countries. The United States takes its first-ever ranking not as a reprieve but as a responsibility to strengthen global efforts against modern slavery, including those within America. This human rights abuse is universal, and no one should claim immunity from its reach or from the responsibility to confront it.”

- Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

The annual report serves as the primary diplomatic tool through which the U.S. Government encourages other countries to help fight all forms of modern slavery, including forced labor, sex trafficking, bonded labor, debt bondage, involuntary domestic servitude, forced child labor, child soldiers, and child sex trafficking.

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GoodWeave’s 2009 Annual Report

This report details GoodWeave USA accomplishments from 2009, including: the launch of the GoodWeave brand; $30 million in North American certified rug sales, generating important funds for programs for children in Nepal and India; the expansion of the consumer awareness campaign to reach over 57 million people, and a new partnership with the Global Fund for Children to benefit out-of-school children in India’s carpet belt.